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LED Bulbs - GU4

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In getalamp.com, you will find the major catalog of GU4/MR11 LED lamps to the best price of Internet. We just work with the best lighting brands, which offers a better warranty regarding innovation, quality and energy efficiency.
We always work with Philips, Osram, Sylvania and General Electrics, recognized as prestigious and innovative lighting brands, as they develop efficiency lighting products for homes and business of all kinds.

GU4/MR11 LED LAMPS: Characteristics

When the LED technology appeared, and its use was standardized, it made possible to save energy and to obtain a much more efficient lighting for the consumer.
The base GU4/MR11 that forms this type of lamps indicates the separation between the two pins of adjustment, exactly 4mm of separation between them. Thanks to the LED technology the diodes semiconductors produce a flow of unidirectional current that saves energy and does not emit residuals.
If you need to replace your old incandescent bulbs or halogen lamps, with theGU4/MR11 LED lamps you are going to achieve many benefits and to obtain numerous advantages in comparison with the traditional lighting, like the following ones:
- A longer lifespan of up to 25 times longer than traditional lights
- Saving of energy up to 80 %, compared to the traditional lights.
- Elaborated without toxic components, to be much more respectful for the environment.
- Direct substitution of the former lamps since both have the same base GU4/MR11.
- It allows the use of the same transformer used for the halogen lamps because they work at 12V.
- The cost of substitution and maintenance are lower than the incandescent bulbs.
- Its most common use is at home, in all the stays, preferably in halls, baths, kitchens, and bedrooms.

What should I have in mind to select the GU4/MR11 LED LAMPS?

If you are going to replace your halogen lamps for the new GU4/MR11 LED lamps, you will notice an energetic saving.
Starts to get savings on your electricity bills and contributes to lower energy costs and greater efficiency.
To choose the best LED lamp to replace your halogen, you need to have a look at the following points:

The base: Do not be confused with the G4 base. If you need the GU4 / MR11, you must look at the length of the pins that are inserted into the base. The base GU4 for these LED lamps indicates a separation of 4 mm and a longer length than the G4, which is between 0.95 and 1.05 mm.

Power: The power of your new LED lamps must be equivalent to that of the replaced halogen lamps. Usually, the name indicates the power of the lamp and the equivalent power of the old one. For example, the PHILIPS MASTER LEDspotLV 3.5-20W MR11 GU4 indicates that has a power of 3.5W and replace a 20W halogen lamp.

Color Temperature: The current LED lamps are capable of emitting a warm and pleasant light that leaves out the topics that only work properly with cold light. The color temperature of this type of LED bulbs to replace halogen is 2700K, which results in a warm and pleasant light to illuminate your rooms.

LED lamps GU4 / MR11: The most sold articles in getalamp.com

In our online professional lighting shop getalamp.com, you can find the range of LED Lamps GU4 / MR11 wider and more efficient market, for example, the following products:


OSRAM PARATHOM MR11 20 30° 3.7 W/827 GU4