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LED Bulbs - Base E27

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In our catalog, you can find the LED bulbs with base E27, which are the neweston the market and with the guarantee of the best brands: Philips, Osram, General Electric and Sylvania. Save with the bulbs LED E27 at the best price and buy directly from our online shop.

E27 LED Bulbs: Technical Specifications

When we speak that a lamp or a LED bulb has a E27 base, we refer to its width in mm. That is, the lamps marked E27 have a screw thread of 27 mm in width, so you can use them for the direct substitution of the traditional incandescent bulbs. The lighting obtained with these LED bulbs is enormously improved regarding quality and shine compared with traditional lighting; besides, it provides the following advantages:
- Energy efficiency optimization: low energetic consumption without losing the quality of the light.
- A longer lifespan of up to 50.000 hours of use for each bulb (50 times more than the traditional ones).
- Ecologically sustainable: it doesn't contain mercury or other harmful chemical substances.
- Quick recovery of the investment.
- Savings in costs of substitution and maintenance: direct installation without changing the base.
- A large range of powers for your choice, according to the needs of the zone to illuminate.
- A variety of forms and sizes for decorative lamps, ceiling lamps, or wall lamps (differents types of shapes such as candle, flame, round, oval)
- A transparent or dull finish to differentiate warm lighting zones.
- A possibility of intensity regulation, which extends the potential of decoration as a result of the light.
- A temperature of color for choosing among warm, neutral, and cold light. Depending on the needs that you have for your project, you can choose between 2700K, 3000K, or 4000K.
- Light beam: You can choose the light beam that you need, ranging from a direct beam to general lighting (from 25 up to 150 degrees of angle).

What should I have in mind to select the E27 LED bulb?

If you want to replace your incandescent bulbs or halogen lamp with an E27 LED bulb, you should have some factors in mind, besides the form of the tip or base.

The power of the LED bulb

Thanks to the LED technology, the energetic consumption of the bulbs of your business or home is going to diminish in a spectacular way. The manufacturers of lighting LED include the power of the LED bulb in the name of the product and that of the lamp for which it is a substitute (halogen or incandescent). For the manufacturer of Philips lighting, for example, the power of its LED bulb is specified first, followed by that of the lamp that it replaces:

PHILIPS COREPRO LEDCANDLE 3-25W O indicates that the LED bulb has a power of 3W as opposed to the 25W of the traditional one.

On the other hand, Osram specifies first the power of the replaced lamp, followed by the one that has LED technology:

OSRAM PARATHOM RETROFIT CLASSIC P 25 3.2W indicates that the LED Parathom bulb replaces one of 25W, and it just consumes 3.2W thanks to its LED technology.

Color temperature

The E27 LED bulbs of the principal brands of professional lighting manufacturers offer an agreeable and warm light with a color temperature of 2700K, which allows these lamps to be totally comparable in terms of usage to that of incandescent lamps.

Design of the E27 LED bulb

Depending on the style that you want to implement in your designs, the E27 LED bulbs are adapted to your needs, with different forms that allow interesting combinations in chandelier lamps or wall lights. For all the LED lighting brands, you can choose various forms such as candle, round, big globe, small globe, etc. Select the shape of the lamp that adapts best to your preferred style, one that fits in with the design of your space.

Offer of E27 LED bulbs at Getalamp.com

At Getalamp, we are specialists in professional LED lighting, and we have the widest catalog of products for all needs. If you need to optimize your lighting project with the latest LED technology, which will allow you to save money and have better efficiency in your installation, order online LED lamps of the best brands, such as Philips, Osram, Sylvania, and General Electric on our website.

More E27 LED bulbs are sold by Getalamp.com

In the LED lighting professional catalog that we have in our online shop, the most sold products in that category and the LED E27 bulbs most requested by our clients are

Philips CorePro LEDbulb E27: compatible with base lights E27 and B22, designed to offer a quick and simple replacement of the classic incandescent ones.
Philips CorePro LEDluster E27: bulbs with a finished mate with a low energetic consumption, designed to offer a rapid and easy installation.
Philips LEDbulb E27 A60 (MASTER): adjustable bulbs, emitting a warm and agreeable light as the obtained with the incandescents and halogens. Used in public buildings like corridors, foyers, stairs, and areas that need a constant lighting.