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Energy-saving lamps - Ledvance (Osram)

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Integrated lamps offer high light output, far exceeding the brightness and life of traditional lamps. They also have a range of color that extends throughout the his long life. Manufacturers such as Philips and Osram provide care aspects related to design and easy installation. Get a Lamp find the items you need such as Philips: Master PL-E, Master EHL, Genie ESaver, Soft ES 8 Year Softone, and Osram: Dulux EL, Dulux EL Vario, Dulux EL Sensor, Duluxstar, Duluxstar Reflector, Supestar, Duluxstar Stick, Dulux Intelligent Longlife, Supestar Micro Twist. Available in powers of 3W to 80W and E14, E27 and others.